Tuesday, February 26, 2008

R.I.P. means Rest In PEACE!

Ok, so what's so "christian" about disturbing people's funerals?

According to Cassy Fiano at Wizbang, the WestBoro Baptist Church is at it again. Now, if you aren't familiar with them I'll readers digest it for you.

WestBoro Baptist Church is an extreme Baptist community in Topeka, Kansas full of ill mannered, heartless people that IN NO WAY illustrate christian values or characteristics. The pastor of the WestBoro Baptist Church is Fred Phelps and he and his "gang" of fellow gay/lesbian, war hero hating, United States bashing lunatics are more known for their consistent protesting at soldiers funerals and gay/lesbian parades and funerals. Apparently every crime and injustice committed in the world is due to homosexuality according to them. To learn more about this crazy cult (http://www.godhatesfags.com/)... do I really need to say more with a URL like that?)

It sickens me that someone could think to protest at a funeral, any funeral, would make anything better in any situation. Regardless of what that person did in their life, it's just inhumane to disturb and ridicule people in mourning. Protesting at fallen soldiers funerals was bad enough, now they plan to protest at the memorial service of Brianna Denison. Brianna Denison was a young girl about my age who attended Santa Barbra College, was raped and strangled to death while sleeping on her friends couch in Reno, NV in Jan.

On the WBC's web site they have each event listed at which they will protest and in an explanation on why.

Hopefully the Patriot Guards riders, an amazing group of bikers who follow the horrible WBC and counter protest them, will attend Brianna's funeral service and comfort her already mourning family from the devilish cold hearts of the WBC.

Pray for Brianna and her family


DAVE BONES said...

Louis Theroux did a great documentary with these guys. There is a bit of it here

Rightwingsnarkle said...
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I R A Darth Aggie said...

rightwingsnarkle, when you get older, please tell me how EIB, Fox "news," Michelle Malkin, and any number of wingnut blogs approve of WBC's protesting of military funerals?

Simon said...

Here’s the thing – who started this whole demonstrating at funerals thing?
I don’t even think I’ve heard of it happening in the UK.

It’s wrong on so many levels and goes against simple human decency.
If someone had issue with something that the dead person had done – how stupid do they look protesting to a dead person?

But whatever that the deceased has done – has nothing to do with a distraught family.

The thought that we’ve arrived at a point whereby we actually require a law to prevent these things happening is unbelievably disturbing – not to mention what it says about society.
We are free to protest – but these things come with responsibility. And if any believes for one minute that protesting at a funeral is their right – then they need locking up!!!!

High Ideals in High Heels said...

To Rightwingsnarkle,

I really couldn't care less what Phelps political stand is. I may have my mother in me, but I'm not her. I just got her good looks and charm ;) What Phelps and his family are doing is wrong in any way you spin it, and I would point it out if they were republican or democrat.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

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February 28, 2008 11:01 AM

Yup, like mother, like daughter.

Keep your mind open, sweetie. That's how education works.

DAVE BONES said...

This isn't a trend or going to become widespread. Phelp's posse are a cult. They behave totally like a cult and there aren't loads of people flocking to join them.

Jonathan said...

Phelps is a Democrat, not a Republican. He has worked for Al Gore before in the past and Ran for Governor of Kansas in the 90's as a Democrat....

that said, this isn't a church but a Cult that is on par with Obama's Church