Friday, March 6, 2009

Had to let this out...

I know I haven't posted in awhile but school has been crazy and when a boyfriend comes into the mix, well you pretty much don't have time for anything but school and him. However, an issue came up that upset me incredibly and I remembered my blog! I have a personal health class I have to have as a kinesiology credit at my university.

The class was going fine until my professor informed the class that we would be having a "sex expert" from planned parenthood coming in to talk to us about sex, STI's (that's right no more STD's), and (and here's the kicker) Abortion. All of this would have been fine except for the fact that when she did come she didn't even mention adoption or alternative options like organizations like project Rachael, and Gabriel project that help mothers and give them almost everything they would need to take care their babies. She completely lied about at least 5 facts about the risks of abortion, and she didn't even bring up post traumatic stress syndrome. Which, as a woman, I would definitely want to know about before I ruined my life by killing my unborn, innocent, child.
"The study of 155 women in South Africa who had abortions looked at symptoms before abortion and at one month and three months after three months after the abortions, the number of women with PTSD had increased by 61 percent compared to before the abortion"

However, what really angered me was the complete unprofessionalism of her visit. This planned parenthood worker proceeds to say the following verbatim ,"1 in 5 women get abortions, so I really don't know why it's such a controversial issue, I mean, most of us have had them, so why is it controversial?". Oh, I don't maybe it's controversial because it is destroying God's greatest gift to us? Slapping God right in the face, and telling him he can have his gift back, maybe that's why.

She then later referred to the "child", when describing the different abortion procedures, as the following:

1. Product of conception
2. tissue
3. contents of the uterus

Not once did she actually mention it was a fetus or a child. I understand, being in a public institution these things will be talked about. Yet, I would hope there would be both sides discussed; pro-life and pro-choice. Also, I would really expect the planned parenthood workers to explain EVERYTHING and not sugar coat the truth. Fabricating procedures doesn't help women, it hurts them and not explaining about the risks of abortion to young 20 and 21 year old girls who don't really have much a clue about things is a dangerous rope to walk. Making abortion a "light" hearted topic is wrong in so many ways I can't even begin to write about it. All I can do is pray (and possibly hand out pamphlets for Coalition for Life and other pro-life organizations) and hope that the girls in that class were smart enough to go and look up the stats on abortion themselves later that night. As I see it, if you don't have respect for life, how can you have respect for anything?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot Mess News!

I haven't blogged in awhile due to the exciting news I've started a video blog!!!!
I will try to keep this one relatively updated but most of my time will be put into the Vlog!

Just go to and type "hotmessnews" in the search engine!
There's me! With my Co-star Brandon Mychaels! Enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Those nights when the toilet becomes your best friend...

There are many facebook groups that I've come across that are stupid, demeaning, and even slightly sexist. However, I've just recently stumbled upon a facebook group that made me extremely concerned.

"30 reasons girls should call it a night" has over 180,000 members. Sounds harmless, right? Kind of seems to promote stopping drinking before things get out of hand? No, on this groups page are many, many, many pictures that the girls of the group have posted of themselves or other girls puking, passed out, or just being completely stupid after drinking too much. Most of the pictures are girls passed out in positions that are extremely inappropriate and I'm sure they wouldn't want their grandmother seeing them.

This group gave me a sense that girls are no longer embarrassed by the act of drinking too much. In fact I'm almost positive they do it because they believe it's funny. I'm a college girl, and due to that am surrounded by alcohol and binge drinking. Now, I'm not making a speech against drinking. I think drinking can be a great thing if done correctly. I grew up in a house where I was allowed to have wine at dinner and possibly a beer with my dad if I asked, my senior year. I was always taught to drink in moderation and ALWAYS with a meal. I meet girls every weekend, that binge drink every weekend! I meet girls that drink too much at party's and pass out in the bathrooms, which is dangerous and they don't even know it. Alcohol isn't the problem it's the irresponsibility of the drinkers, it's these kids lack of knowledge about drinking and about how to drink. Learning how to drink may sound stupid but most college kids go out drinking to get drunk, which is a main part of the problem.

I don't know how many times Ive had to hold back some strange girls' hair and find her a safe ride home. Yet, all I think about is those girls that didn't have someone to help them, the girls that got raped and were so drunk they wake up the next morning and don't remember a thing. Educating yourself about alcohol and how much you can handle is the safest route aside from abstaining from it all together. I believe girls now days are trying to keep up with the guys and then it's all down hill from there. There should be a class everyone should have to take in high school all about alcohol and alcohol awareness. Just because the drinking age is 21 doesn't mean drinking at 18 doesn't happen, the more educated you become the less of a danger alcohol is. The media is so obsessed with educating the youth about sex but have yet to really educate them on alcohol and drinking, which is has a more deathly result then unsafe sex.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

R.I.P. means Rest In PEACE!

Ok, so what's so "christian" about disturbing people's funerals?

According to Cassy Fiano at Wizbang, the WestBoro Baptist Church is at it again. Now, if you aren't familiar with them I'll readers digest it for you.

WestBoro Baptist Church is an extreme Baptist community in Topeka, Kansas full of ill mannered, heartless people that IN NO WAY illustrate christian values or characteristics. The pastor of the WestBoro Baptist Church is Fred Phelps and he and his "gang" of fellow gay/lesbian, war hero hating, United States bashing lunatics are more known for their consistent protesting at soldiers funerals and gay/lesbian parades and funerals. Apparently every crime and injustice committed in the world is due to homosexuality according to them. To learn more about this crazy cult ( do I really need to say more with a URL like that?)

It sickens me that someone could think to protest at a funeral, any funeral, would make anything better in any situation. Regardless of what that person did in their life, it's just inhumane to disturb and ridicule people in mourning. Protesting at fallen soldiers funerals was bad enough, now they plan to protest at the memorial service of Brianna Denison. Brianna Denison was a young girl about my age who attended Santa Barbra College, was raped and strangled to death while sleeping on her friends couch in Reno, NV in Jan.

On the WBC's web site they have each event listed at which they will protest and in an explanation on why.

Hopefully the Patriot Guards riders, an amazing group of bikers who follow the horrible WBC and counter protest them, will attend Brianna's funeral service and comfort her already mourning family from the devilish cold hearts of the WBC.

Pray for Brianna and her family

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roe V. Wade 35th Anniversary...

Yup, Today is that day again. Many people will go through their day in regular routine and not once think about what this day means for even a second.

In 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion during the first six months of pregnancy.Before the Court’s ruling, a majority of states prohibited abortion, although most allowed an exception when pregnancy threatened the woman’s life. The Court overturned these state prohibitions in Roe v. Wade. The Court ruled that states could restrict abortions only during the final three months of pregnancy, a stage when medical experts considered the fetus capable of “meaningful life” outside the womb.

Here's my question, who decides what's "meaningful life" and what isn't? Does a bum on the side of the road have a less meaningful life than me? Does a two year old baby have more meaning in life than an hour old baby?

Ms. Norma McCorvey (a.k.a. Jane Roe) thought the court should have that power back in 1973. She was 22, unmarried, pregnant, homeless, a drug addict and living on a park bench in Texas in 1969. She didn't know much about anything. But she ended up becoming the figurehead in the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in America. However, in 1995 a Christian group moved into the office across the car park from Ms. McCorvey's abortion clinic. Over time, she came to accept their view, that abortion was not a woman's "fundamental right to choose," but the murder of an unborn child. She quit working in abortion clinics, gave up drugs and alcohol, converted to Catholicism, wrote a new book called "Won by Love" and established an anti-abortion group called "Roe No More."

My question to most people, after they hear what "Jane Roe" is up to now, is do you think the case should be overturned by the supreme court? Or is an amendment more efficient and more likely?

Monday, October 22, 2007

How many people actually did die in P-Diddy's "Vote or Die" Campaign?

Another year another election, well this year I am of age to vote for a presidential election! I am extremely excited. While all my friends were excited to be 18 so they could go to bars and hit up clubs and finally buy cigarettes themselves, I was ecstatic because I could finally have a voice in my country. However, my old pet peeve was my age groups’ lack of voting and now after observing my friends and their knowledge of what goes on in our country I’m not so sure.

In 2004 P-Diddy (a.ka. Puff Daddy, P. Combs, or Puffy) sponsored the “Vote or Die” campaign, a huge organized MTV movement to get the “young people” to vote. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2000 (before “Vote or Die”) 70% of U.S. citizens reportedly registered to vote, among them 86% voted. Next election, 2004 (after “Vote or Die”) out of 197 million U.S. citizens only 72% (142 million) registered to vote and among those registered, 89% (126 million) said they voted. That’s 55 million citizens that didn’t even register, and 16 million that registered but didn’t vote (does that mean 16 million died, P.Diddy?)

After the “Vote or Die” campaign voting registration only went up 4% and actual voting only 2%.The sad truth about my generation is they are almost completely apathetic about voting or anything to do with helping our country. They don’t care about moral character, they don’t care about aborting innocent children, they don’t even care about issues that will affect them, if not now, eventually. Whether it’s ignorant promiscuous girls thinking condoms are the answer to all their problems or guys who thinks it’s okay to call girls “sluts” and “Ho’s”, my generation isn’t the most qualified to pick the leader of our country. I had one friend of mine ask me why Hillary Clinton was on the news so much lately (Thinking she was involved in some scandal, which made me laugh) and another asked me what “Pro-choice” meant.

I am not making fun of them, I’m just explaining to the adults that my generation is more worried about who their next boyfriend or girlfriend will be, what’s going on Thursday nights, or what kind of birth control their going to be on next to care to inform themselves properly about the wonderful country we live in and it’s democracy.Yet, I won’t give up. I don’t want someone voting if they have no idea what’s going on.

As a result, instead of dogging people for not voting the way I used to, I find informing my friends about the candidates and their platforms is a bit more useful. If some of them only knew what some people went through to vote and bring democracy to a country, maybe they would put down the iPod’s and cosmopolitan magazines and read up on the people that could eventually run their country.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

King Middle Schools’ Version of Sex-Ed

At King Middle School in Maine the Student Health Center is place where children can go, with parental permission, if they need medical advice or medicine. However, according to the state law the student’s parents sign a permission form only to allow their children access to the center. The student's parents do not have to be informed of what their children are going to the center for, or what they are being prescribed there, if the student doesn’t want them to. As a result, the health center recently has found it “necessary” to prescribe birth control to 11-13 year old girls!

So under the state law, girls ages 11-13 would be able to access birth control and decide to never inform their parents about it. Leaving most parents in the dark about the inappropriate sexual activity their little girls are involved in and un-able to help. The school has been known to provide condoms for grades 6th-8th.

Is this really happening? Are that many kids in 6th, 7th, and 8th having sex to where this is needed? Actually no, in the reports they state, “Proponents say a small number of King Students are sexually active, but those who are need better access to birth control.” Other reports also explain that “Even though it’s just a few students the birth control program is “totally needed.”

How is it totally needed? I’m not even a parent and I’m outraged that this is even being discussed at a Middle School! Where are the parents? Is providing birth control going to persuade the girls to stop having sex? Um… no. It would be like giving a 10 year old boy a fire proof suit, matches, and some lighter fluid and telling him not to play with fire.

These girls don’t need to be having sex in the first place and they don’t need birth control. These girls need information as well as their parents. Inform the parents and let the parents take action, not the school. It’s atrocious! Shouldn’t parents be informed what students are being prescribed? These are 11-13 year olds. These girls don’t have the maturity or knowledge to make the decision to have sex so what does the school committee think that providing birth control will do, except show other girls that sex in middle school is okay, and ultimately cool if more girls begin to be prescribed, as long as you’re on birth control ! Every body’s doing it! I don’t think I even knew how birth control worked at that age. Is the age of innocence getting younger and younger?